desert Roze

Desert Roze is a Sord sister brand launching Spring 2020.

With the idea that art is life in motion and life in motion is art. So this is a life-style brand.

 Coming from a big family, with communal living and creating being at the core of my being, I have decided to partner up with my niece, Emma Roze, in a collaboration of my more whimsical design inspirations.  This new venture is a direct pull from my late mothers illustrations and my desire to get out from behind the studio doors and back out in community again.

 Our desire is to collaborate on this journey, be it in our travels, our designs, our dreams, or just in a days worth of good talks and long walks. I have been feeling that community is a long lost lifestyle , so in this next chapter aim to embrace freedom at its core with a wanderlust nature. Put my life on the road for a month and to offer our creations as an attraction to share in community once more. 

 We will be hitting the road in an airstream in May 2020 and weaving a path from New York , down south and across this country. Landing in community based markets and fleas, fairs, farms, cafes and shops. Doing pop ups and offering our carefully selected and meticulously handcrafted, one of a kind wares right from the inner dream world we have created as our shop inside the airstream .

   We will be offering screen printed , handmade canvas totes with leather straps,  repurposed selected wares that will each be adorned with hand printed art and embroidered with our life in motion artistic touch. 

Each wearable piece you see is not replicable and so much thought and intention goes in to each design.

As with all Sord products, I aim to carry forth my reputable craftsmanship as well as my impeccable design sensibility to offer a new line of beautiful, fun, inspired goods. 

 Inquire within to our wearbabouts or follow us on instagram at _desertroze_ to be kept in the loop and up to date with our most recent creations. 

 if you see something you love here, feel free to email us to reserve it for you.