Floor Pouf - meditation cushion - zafu


charcoal black
acorn brown
camel brown
dark brown
stone white

Product Details

 Sord meditation zafus, or floor poufs are an extension of ones intentional daily practice. Taking the time to have stillness in mind. 
 Sourcing the most luxurious and buttery soft leathers from Italy , and all made by hand, one at a time in my upstate NY design studio. 
 Top stitched with the Sri Yantra symbol and stuffed with your choice of filling. 
Sri yantra
Represents the evolution of the multiverse. This ancient symbol was built with sacred geometry and its powers are said to clear the fog that surrounds a persons life. It is the source of pure energy and has magnetic sensitivities. 

Filling options:
Is an eco friendly vegetable based fiber that’s made from seed pods of
The kapok tree. Because it’s wild grown , kapok is naturally pest free and requires no pesticides to grow. It’s hypoallergenic and mold resistant. 
After extensive search I found it to be the best filler for my pillows. It’s soft and dense which allows it to give support while also being comfortable. 
#2- Buckwheat
 Buckwheat is hypoallergenic and natural. It is weighty and shapes to your seat for maximum support.
carrying handle sewn on.
Measures approx: 12 " wide diameter x 5" height.
Comes in choice of color :
 Charcoal black, Stone white, Acorn brown, Camel brown or Dark brown.

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